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Application examples for our products: exotic and versatile

The innovative products from Grob Antriebstechnik move many machines, plants and units as their heart and perform their duties as lifting cylinders, linear actuators, linear drives, electrical cylinders and linearChains inconspicuously and quietly, but with all the more precision.

The list of applications is just as exotic as it is versatile: At airports, on bridges, in grain mills, in paper machines, in the food industry, behind the scenes on the stages of this world, in warehouse and transport technology, in shipbuilding, in construction, in foundries, in rolling plants, in baggage conveying systems, in cooling tunnels, on oil rigs, in steel reinforced concrete construction, in beverage bottling plants, on radio telescopes in harsh environments – the number of applications is endless.

Below you can find specific examples of applications where our products can be found everywhere.

  • Linear drives move a pedestrian bridge: flood bridge in Wertheim
  • Electrical cylinders facilitate laboratory work easy movement of a large cover

Linear drives

Offshore wind turbines

Open-cast mining

Linear drives









Lifting tables


Linear chain




Spindle Drives

Food processing

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