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It's always good to lose weight! That's why our linear drives are now lighter than ever before!

Everyone knows that being too heavy has never been healthy. That's why we put our MJ5 linear drive from the MJ series on a strict diet. Now it's slimmer than ever before. The result is impressive.

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New direct mounted bevel gear for tight spaces

For lifting systems with screw jack sizes MJ0 and MJ1 there is now the option of a space-saving use variant of bevel gears. The new bevel gears are each with hollow shaft and are connected directly to the Screw jack.

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The high performance screw jacks classic from the ‘HMC’ series

The high performance screw jacks classic from the ‘HMC’ series are a further development of the ‘MC’ series and are specially matched to the

dynamically demanding areas of use for which standard screw jacks are unsuitable due to their simple construction. The advantages of the construction of the high performance screw jacks lie in the even distribution of the generated heat over the entire screw jack and its good convection via the cooling effect of the oil bath and the special housing shape,...

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